Can I save or download videos from WithLove?

If you have a Premium Monthly or Annual subscription, it is possible to download a selection of our films and series. Once the download of these films or series is complete, you can also watch your downloads without an internet connection. 

To download a film or an episode, select it, and click the download button:

Next, this film or serie will be downloaded. When this is complete you will see the following symbol:       The download is complete.

You can find all your downloaded films and series by clicking on the little downward pointing arrow at the bottom of the app.

After downloading a film or an episode, it will remain available to you for 30 days, or until it is removed from the platform.

Tip: Going on vacation abroad and want to take your favorite films with you? Download them before you leave!

You can also delete the downloads yourself, you can do this by pressing delete, or by using the delete all function. When you use this button all downloads will be removed from your device at the same time, this button can be found it in the settings in the app.

Disclaimer: Not every film or series is downloadable. This is due to the rights and licenses of our content.

Having trouble with the download function? You can contact us by clicking on the envelope.

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