How can I watch WithLove on the television?

You can easily watch our romantic movies and series on your own TV. Below we explain how you can watch your favorite movies and series on your own TV for each device.

Smart TV App

WithLove is now also available for download on your Smart TV. This is possible on the following operating systems:

- Versions of Android TV 7.1 and higher

- Versions of tvOS 12.4.1 and higher

- Versions of Tizen 5.5 and higher

- Versions WebOS 4.5.0

The brands that use these operating systems include:

- Tizen: Samsung

- WebOS: LG televisions (since 2019)

- Android TV: Sharp, Sony, Philips, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi MiBox and MiBox S

- Apple TV: Apple TV HD (4) October 30, 2015, Apple TV 4K (5) September 21, 2017

Please note: not all devices from these brands can install apps, even if they were manufactured after 2016/2017. Check the version of your operating system to make sure your TV supports this.

Media Player

You can easily watch your favorite movies and series on your TV via a media player. This can be done with media players such as:

- Chromecast

- Nvidia Shield

- Xiaomi MiBox

- MiBox S

- Apple TV


Most media players mentioned above have a built-in Chromecast, which allows you to play the movie or series on your mobile, tablet, and in the case of Apple TV also with your MacBook, and choose the right device to stream to via the icon (in the case of Apple TV the icon).

Make sure your TV is set to the correct HDMI channel where the media player is also connected, and that you can only use the last two versions of Google Chromecast.

App Store

In addition, some media players such as the Nvidia Shield and Apple TV have their own App Store where the WithLove app can be downloaded directly.


Want to watch on your TV but don't have a smart TV? Then you can connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV with a Chromecast and still play your favorite movie, series or speaker on the TV. All you need is a good internet connection and a Chromecast.

Apple TV

If you have an iPhone or iPad and you have Apple TV, you can also watch on your TV via Apple Airplay from your phone or tablet.

HDMI Cable

If you do not have the possibility of a Chromecast or Apple TV, you can also connect a laptop or PC to your television with an HDMI cable. All you need for this is a laptop or PC with an HDMI connection.

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